Wednesday, January 19, 2011

MUST TRY: Krocodile Grille at Greenbelt

Good morning! It’s 10:34 in the morning, I just got home from work. Well I got home at around 9:45, and then I ate my breakfast, it’s one piece chicken and rice which I bought at a convenient store. I was so hungry; I didn’t eat during my lunch at work, so I bought my breakfast before I went straight home. It’s my off by the way! Yey!

Ok, so this blog is again about food. Last Sunday me and my friends went to Greenbelt for lunch. We were thinking where we should it, we went to Glorietta but we can’t decide if we like to eat at Glorietta so long story short we ate at Greenbelt. There’s a restaurant in Greenbelt where we are all been dying to try out for a long time, we just never got the chance to eat there whenever we go to Greenbelt and I don’t know why but last Sunday we actually did, so we had our lunch at this super delicious restaurant “Krocodile Grille”.

The ambiance was okay, nothing special, the food was exquisite. It’s so cheap and the taste was great! We ordered like 6 dishes. We ordered “bake tahong”, “sinigang na hipon”, “kare-kareng baka”, “seafood pasta”, “spicy chicken”,”inihaw na liempo” and “inihaw na pusit”, It was like we’ve been sentenced to death. We were five, Me, Nil, Shai, Princess and Annafe. I love the “bake tahong”, it’s very cheesy. The “sinigang” was ah-mazing, I love the soup, “kare-kare” was the best also, everything! We weren’t able to finish the “seafood pasta” because we were so full.

The service was great too, they gave us complimentary crackers while we were waiting for our food, the food was served fast unlike some restaurants that you have to wait like forever, and you will probably die because of hunger before the food is even ready. So I will give Krocodile Grille a “10”. Good job!

So if you will be going to Greenbelt, this is definitely a must try! I don’t know if they have other branches but I’m pretty sure they do. So there!  Tell me if you love the restaurant, post it as a comment below, talk to you guys later bye!

This has been Abby saying I heart you.

Much love,