Thursday, October 6, 2011

Gossip Girl Book Series

Hey guys! omg! it's been a long time since I posted a blog here. My last blog was in March this year and it's October. I'm sorry guys, really, i've been busy lately, work mostly. Well, I'm here again. Wink!

Alright, my blog today is about the hit tv series Gossip Girl. I know most of you know that. You know Blake Lively as Serena Van der Woodsen and Leighton Meester as Blair Waldorf, the upper east side of Manhattan's elite. I will not talk about the TV series, this will be about the Book series. I once said before on my previous blogs that I'm a bookworm. I love books! Especially book series. So the Gossip Girl book series is one of my favorite aside from the Clique book series.

I don't usually watch the Gossip Girl tv series. I don't know why. I have watched the first 3 seasons only. I love the book series more than the actual tv series. Let me tell you guys that when people tell you that the book series is better than the tv or movie series, you have to believe them. Take for instance the Harry Potter and Twilight series. I dont read any of those books but most of the people I know like the book series better.

The Gossip Girl book series is way different. For example, they all love to drink and smoke, they have pets, Blair has a brother and baby sister. Eric is older than Serena and Nate really loves marijuana! Chuck was even rumored gay!Haha. It's very wild and very interesting. I really recommend it guys!

So if you are looking for a great book series to read, you gotta grab Gossip Girl! you will be hooked!

This has been Abby saying I heart you and I love Gossip Girl!


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tony and Jackey Salon

Hey guys! How are you all? As for me, I feel so great. Because I just had my hair cut done. My last haircut was like ages ago. Haha. It was last December 2009. So I said to myself, it’s about time. I had my haircut done at Tony and Jackey Salon. It was so amazing. I love the result.

Tony and Jackey is a Korean salon. My hairdresser is Ria, she’s korean. She’s so great, very friendly and accommodating. She’s a real expert. She knows what I want. The haircut at Tony and Jackey is 500Php. Expensive compared to other salons but it’s so worth it. After she did my haircut another Korean girl ironed my hair and its free!! You can straighten or curl your hair after your haircut. Very nice.

I will definitely go back to Tony and Jackey. Here’s a picture of me, Ria and the other Korean girls. Hehe!
This has been Abby saying I heart you and Tony and Jackey!

Much love,

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

MUST SEE MOVIE: Red Riding Hood

Hey guys! Good evening. I just got home; I went out with my friends. We went to Greenbelt 3 and watched Red Riding Hood. This is a blog review for the movie.

Obviously, from it’s title, this movie was inspired by the very famous fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood. Fairy tale inspired movies are really “in” right now, there’s another movie Beauty and the Beast starring Vanessa Hudgens, that’s coming out real soon. I don’t know lately it’s fairy tale all over again. From vampires to fairy tales. Nice!  This movie was produced by Leonardo de Caprio. This movie is from the director of Twilight.

Okay so Amanda Seyfried is the star on this film, she did a pretty good job in this movie. It only gets to show that she’s really a good actress. She also starred in the movies, Jennifer’s Body, Dear John and Letters to Juliet, which she also did a very good job. Her name on this film is Valerie. The setting is, she’s living with her family in a village and she’s in love with this wood cutter named Peter. They were childhood friends. She was engaged to another man, which she didn’t love. Of course this movie will not work if we don’t have the infamous “Werewolf”. There’s a lot of twists in this movie. The werewolf is also living in the village. Valerie can talk with the werewolf.  It was very shocking when the real werewolf was revealed.

The Cast:

Amanda Seyfried as Valerie
Virginia Madsen as Suzette
Billy Burke as Cesaire
Julie Christie as Grandmother
Gary Oldman as Father Solomon
Max Irons as Henry Lazar
Michael Shanks as Adrien Lazar
Christine Willes as Madame Lazar
Michael Hogan as The Reeve
Lukas Haas as Father August

Amanda’s acting here is outstanding, I will not say it’s the best, but it’s something new especially for her as a new actress. It gave her career a different take. She portrayed the role very well. She looks innocent and powerful at the same time on the film. But the ending was sad. That’s all I can say, because I don’t want to spoil it for you. So you better watch it! It’s a good movie. So that’s my take on this fairy tale movie. I’ll talk to you guys on my next blog. Bye!

This has been Abby saying I heart you. Go home and beware of the werewolf!

Much love,

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Disaster in Japan

Hey guys.. sorry I haven’t been blogging for quite sometime now. I’m kinda busy. Okay I feel inspired in blogging today because of what happened to Japan yesterday. It was so scary, devastating and unexpected. What happened to Japan I think was very extreme compared on the previous earthquakes that hit the said country. Japan is immune with tsunamis but the earthquake and tsunami that hit the country yesterday was sick!!! It was a 23 foot tsunami.  

Most countries nowadays experience minimal earthquakes. Yesterday, according to CNN, Japan was attacked by an 8.9 magnitude earthquake followed by an enormous tsunami. News shows the actual video where you can see how the earthquake happened and how the tsunami swept the entire city.

It was really scary, yesterday when I watched the news; it looks like it came from a movie, but no. This is happening for real.
You can read this news post by Malcolm Foster so you can get a better picture of what happened yesterday.

The entire city was damaged, all cell cites were broken, cars, houses, trees were everywhere. Hundreds of people died. All means of living were destroyed, rice fields and farms. In just a matter of two minutes, most of the lives were shattered. It was really scary at the same time sad. Most part of the world are experiencing terrorism, in Libya, Egypt, Iraq etc.. and now tsunamis and earthquakes? My mother is in Japan too, I don’t know if she’s fine but I hope she is. We lost contact to her years ago. But may God be with her always.

This should serve as a wake up call to everyone, if you’re affected or not. Let’s think of ways to protect our country. We can never tell what will happen next. We maybe safe for now but we cannot hold the future.

My thoughts and prayers go out for those who were affected by this calamity. Hope all of you are safe and warm. Wherever you are, may God be with you always.

This has been Abby saying I heart you.

much love, 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

REVIEW: My MAC brush set and ULTA Pretty and Polished 74 Piece Collection

Good morning guys. It’s a Saturday, I just woke up. I feel so awake; I don’t know what to do. Anyway, How are you guys? I hope everything’s doing just fine. Okay, if you read my previous blog, I told you guys that I bought a make up train case online, right? From Guilty Pleasures. I also bought a make up brush set from another online store called Nix FabBotique. Gosh I’m so excited because they’re finally here! And as promised I will make a review about it.

The brush set came in first, it’s a 24 pc. MAC make up brush set. It’s not real though, it’s a replica but it’s good. Oh well, I’m a beginner so even if it’s just a replica that’s perfectly fine because I don’t want to spend a whole lot of money just for a real MAC brush. We all know how expensive MACs are. Anyway, when I got the product, it was sealed to perfection. It’s really big in person compared to their pictures online. The brushes have it’s own plastic so it will be protected. The brushes are stored in a black leather bag so it’s perfect if you are traveling and all that fun stuff. As for the quality, it’s great. Not perfect but it’s great. It’s soft but some of the small hairs are falling down but I think that’s just normal. But overall, the brush set was amazing.

Okay for the best part, the make up train case arrived the following day, I went to the mall with my friends that day, I’m really excited to go home because I want to put my hands on this make up case. It’s ULTA Pretty and Polished 74 Piece Collection in Red. This product is genuine, it’s not a replica, and it’s not fake whatsoever. The color is red so it looks very classy and girly, good for traveling too. I used the make up the next day. For my first make up I opted for a neutral look. Again guys this will be my first time to really do make up for myself and voila!!!! It was amazing. I think I have a career in make up, I really do. Hahaha! Not bad for a first time. As for the eye shadows, the colors are very pigmented and very easy to apply. The lipsticks, eye liners are amazing too. Everything on this box set is great.

I inserted pictures of the brush set and the make up train case. I also inserted my picture of my first neutral look. Haha! So if you want to purchase make up, you can visit their Facebook page, just type, “Guilty Pleasures” and “Nix FabBotique”. Happy shopping!

This has been Abby saying I heart you all! Muah.

Much love,

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Online Make-Up Store in Facebook: "Guilty Pleasures"

Hey guys! Good day! It's my day off, I'm here at our house in Las Piñas. It's very quiet right here, so I feel inspired to do a blog. Okay, so if you can still remember, if you've been reading my blog, I mentioned that I am not a make up person, my everyday make up will be powder, cheek tint and lip gloss that's it. So I was browsing at Facebook the other day and I stumbled upon this online make up store called "Guilty Pleasures". So I got curious and I visited their page. First product that caught my eye was their make up train cases and palettes. I looked at the price and it's very reasonable. I read their wall and there are so many subscriber's comments on their products, how good the service is, how fast the transactions were all that positive feedbacks. 

So I get so excited and I have decided to order one, the very product that caught my eye was the "ULTA Pretty and Polised 74 Piece Collection - Red". it's a train case. It has all the make up essentials that you'll ever need! I mean not all, but if you are a beginner to make up like me, it's definitely a good buy and very practical. It includes 48 eye shadows, an eye shadow quad, 2 dual ended eyeliners, powder, bronzer, 4 blushes, 12 lip colors, 2 full size lipsticks and 2 mini lip glosses. Whoa! that was so amazing right?

This will be my very first major make up purchase and it's from Ulta. Ulta is a world class brand for make up in line with Sephora, Mac, Maybelline, Profusion, NYX, Coastal Scents etc. Ulta also sells hair and skin products, accessories, nail polishes, make up tools, flat irons, curling irons everything than you can possibly need is there in Ulta. We don't have Ulta here in the Philippines. The owner of the online make up store was very polite and very good to deal with, she responded to my questions right away, very trust worthy, and they have all the proof that you need to show that they are really a very reliable business, they have tracking numbers, feedbacks from the customers and all that fun stuff. they also sell perfumes, clothes, bags and many more. You should really visit their page in Facebook. All their products are authentic and from the US. 

The good thing about it was, I told the owner that I can deposit the payment on the "15th" because that's our payday and she said it's okay and she really has a big heart because she shouldered the shipping fee, the shipping fee for me is free! how great is that for a business huh!! So i said thank you for like a million times to her and she said she can really feel my excitement. You bet I am! She said after I deposit the payment i will receive the goods after a day or two. It's very easy and i will definitely buy from them again. I will surely recommend them with my friends.

As soon as I get the product I will try it and i will definitely make a review about it and post it as a blog. I am so excited! I'll talk to you on my next blog guys. Be sure to visit their page at Facebook, just type Guilty Pleasures under the search tab. Bye guys!

This has been Abby saying I heart Guilty Pleasures and I heart you too...

much love,

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

MUST SEE MOVIE: Season of the Witch

Hey guys! Good morning, it’s my day off! Oh my God, this is my favorite day! Aside from the fact that it’s my day off, this is also a very special day for me because today, February 01, 2011 is me and my partner’s 2nd Year Anniversary! I am so happy, I can’t believe we manage to go through, we’ve been through so many things but we’re still here strong, happy and in love.

Anyway, this blog is about a movie we saw yesterday with my friends at Glorietta 4, it’s “Season of the Witch”. It was a good movie, the effects were great and overall impact was amazing. The lead star is Nicolas Cage, he is a knight. The girl who played as the witch was also scary. Season of the Witch is a 2011 American period action film starring Nicolas Cage and directed by Dominic Sena. Cage stars alongside Ron Perlman as knights who return from the Crusades to find their homeland ruined by the Black Plague. Two church elders accuse a girl (Claire Foy) of being a witch and being responsible for the destruction and command the knights to transport the girl to a monastery so the monks there can lift her curse from the land.
We even had a very funny experience at the movie house, there were some elders at the back seat and they were arguing with the usherette  with their seats. We all know that it’s Glorietta so it’s reserved seating right? So long story short, it’s really hard to watch a movie with the elderly. Haha! The movie was great and it has a great twist too. Thumbs up for the Season of the Witch. You should see it yourself.

Much love,