Saturday, December 25, 2010

Tis the season to be Jolly!

Hi everyone! This will be my very first blog, this is kinda special to me, no actually this blog is really special for me, why? because it's Christmas day.. Oh yes it is.. haha, its exactly 6:07am here while Im typing this.. 

For those who will read this, let me introduce my self first, my name is Abby, i'm 23, from the Philippines, and Im a full time call center agent, Im working at Convergys.  I love reading books and talk about anything under the sun!!

Ok so let's go ahead and talk about my first topic ever! I'm so excited!

Christmas. What comes to your mind when you hear this? For me, first thing that pops in my head is gifts! what else, uhmmm.. ham, cold, Santa, holidays, presents, kids, food, dessert, pine trees, graham cake and snow. Sad to say it doesn't snow here in the Philippines, but every Christmas people are just crazy!

Christmas for me is about sharing with your loved ones, not just for material things and gifts if you know what i mean. It's the time of year where you just sit with your family, sipping hot chocolate, listening to Christmas carols, talking about whatever. For me, Christmas is love, giving and sharing, even if you don't have the means of buying gifts, you still feel the essence of Christmas just being with your family.

Do you have any Christmas tradition? Well in my family, we have some Christmas tradition, well the usual, my dad cooks the best noche buena dinner, his specialty? Pasta! ohh yes.. We eat together with my sisters and of course daddy. After that we open our gifts, we don't wait until Christmas day, we open our gifts on Christmas eve, because everyone's excited about who gets what..My dad's gifts for us every year is so funny, since we are 3 girls, he buys 3 identical things, like for example this year he bought 3 bags but with different colors of course and then he numbers it from 1-3 we pick numbers and then that's it! hahaha.. It's so much fun! 

Well that's how we spend our Christmas as a family. I hope you have a Merry Christmas! and a Happy New year! Ill talk to you on my next blog! 


Princess said...

Congratulations on your very first blog! I'll be looking forward to your entries.

This Christmas is so much different than what I had in the past. My sister was not with us to start with. She spent hers abroad. She's still with us all through out thru skype though. Ang makapangyarihang syke nga naman... You said that Christmas is the season of giving... sinabi mu nga ba? anyway, although i receive gifts, this is the first time i wasn't able to give one. I'm totally broke, i think till next year. hahaha. I don't want to make my comment long. baka makalimutan kong sa iyo itong blog na toh. hahaha.