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Hi guys! How’s your day? This is my fourth blog. I was supposed to post this last night but unfortunately my internet was down, so yesterday was Christmas day, so let’s just pretend that you’re still reading this on Christmas day. ok?

December 25, 2010/10:15 pm

I didn’t expect that writing blogs can be fun; it’s like story telling, but in a more personalized way.

Anyway, I just got home; I went out with my friends. This blog is about food, it’s me making you crave and hungry! It’s still Christmas day and the last thing I did was to spend time with my friends. I don’t normally do this because more often than not, I’m working on Christmas, taking calls and all that, but not this year, good thing Christmas falls on my day off, good job!

Ok so lets go through my blog, I have a friend, her name‘s Althea, she used to work at Convergys, If you read my previous blog, you’ll know that I’m working at Convergys, anyway, she will be leaving for Arkansas on Monday night with her husband, she lives in the US since like forever, and she’s a Filipina too. So she asked us if we want to go out tonight to have a little “despedida” dinner with her. Despedida is a tradition here in the Philippines, when a person is going abroad or in a faraway place away from home for a long period of time, it can be a party, dinner or family reunion, this is to cherish good old memories with that person.

And also, the dinner was like an advance birthday celebration for my other dear friend Wyeth.

So we are supposed to eat at Max’s, but Althea suggested going to Ayala Triangle. It’s a public place in the heart of Makati. We went there and it was crazy! There were so many people, kids running around, family taking photos, sweethearts strolling, it was like a concert! And since it’s Christmas time, they have what they call “Lights Show” or “Show Lights” I really don’t know how they call it, sorry. So there are Christmas lights and lanterns hanging all over the trees, and even to the grounds, and then they play some Christmas carols and the lights will go dance with the tune, you know what I mean? I can’t really describe it, I guess you’ll understand what I mean if you go there. It’s like Las Vegas! City of Lights! Is it New York or Las Vegas the city of lights? I don’t know either but what ever..hahaha. It’s a 20 minute lights show!

And then after that we went to Amici Restaurant, it’s an Italian resto. The place was jam-packed! So we were on the waiting list. So we waited for about 15 minutes or so but it was worth it, when you get inside the first thing you’ll see is the dessert bar, they call it “Caramia”, it’s like McCafe for McDonalds (just to give you a picture).

What did we order?  We ordered 2 pastas and 2 pizzas; we were six by the way.


Spaghetti White Vongole E Gamberetti Php264
(Sauteed mixed seafood on al dente spaghetti in olive oil)

Spaghetti alla Bolognese Php185
(A delightful dish with your favorite meaty tomato sauce)


Tutta Carne Php298
(Meat lover’s delight! Italian sausage, ham and pepperoni)

Al Quattro Formaggi Php298
(Four cheeses)

Oh my god, just typing this makes me want for more! I’m practically drooling over here! Hahaha. The Bolognese pasta and the Vongole were superb! I love it, it’s better than Chelsea’s in Sirendra.
The pizza was a major love! It’s fresh, hot and tasty! The price is right! It’s not like your ordinary pizza! I think the pizzas in Amici are made with love!
The pastas are good for two, and the pizzas are divided into 8 slices (12 inches).

So the food there is perfect for sharing. You definitely have to try Amici, one of the best Italian restaurants!

But that’s not the best part, na ah ah! Let me tell you about the dessert! Wyeth bought us a whole cake for dessert, it’s called Banana Blast. And yes it was a blast!
Banana Blast


Banana Blast Php630 (whole) Php95 (slice)
(Banana, strawberry and chocolate gelato provide a delightful mix of flavors on a chocolate flavored crust)

The dessert was amazing! I love it! It's an ice cream cake. The image of the cake can speak for itself! We even took pictures before we ate the cake, because it was so good.

Another good thing about Amici is their customer service, since it’s Christmas it was a very busy day at the resto but the service was still great. We even got a complimentary slice of Tiramisu cake for Wyeth since it’s her birthday. Don’t even get me started talking about the Tiramisu cake.. hahaha!

All in all, Amici Restaurant is the best! I will definitely go back there, you should try it! You will never regret it, I guarantee you! They really exceeded my expectations.:)

Visit this website to check out Amici Restaurant

So I guess, that’s it, my eyelids are getting heavier by the minute, and I’m so cold because the AC is just behind me!!Grrrr.. I will probably do another blog tomorrow..What will be my next topic? Hmmmm.. Maybe ill get the answer in my dreams.. Well this has been great; I will try to post a blog everyday, if I can, hopefully I don’t run with ideas.  Just keep on reading and feel free to comment and subscribe! You can also suggest topics that you want me to talk about.

This has been Abby saying I heart you.. Goodnight! And merry xmas!

Much love,


Princess said...

You mean "Serendra", not "Sirendra" right?? hahaha

Our get together in Ayala Triangle made my Christmas more wonderful more than it already is. Thanks to the participants!!! Truly a night to remember. Cheers everyone!