Saturday, December 25, 2010

Why I'm In My Current Job

Hey guys! it's exactly 2:18 pm and I'm waiting for my dad, I'm alone in our house typing my third blog! So I'm surfing the net and thinking for what my next topic would be and then I found one that got my interest its from, he's also a blogger and he listed 55 topics that you can talk about on your blog. So I chose this one. This will be very interesting I guess, specially with my co -call center agents!

Ok, on my profile page, I mentioned that I am a full time call center agent, that's what I do for living. I'm gonna tell you a brief story as to how I ended as one. Once upon a time......hahaha, just kidding!

Before I became a call center agent, I'm a Business Process Associate, it's sounds like it's really heavy and formal but it's not, it's more on office job, paper works and all that stuff, it's really fun, I stayed there for 11 months. I will no longer elaborate how my previous job works, because that's not really the main topic here..omg! I'm just blabbing! please forgive me.

Ok, I was referred by the brother of my sister's boyfriend at that time, (whew! that's hard) and then I said no, can I say the name of my company?, I guess yes, well it's Convergys. It's one of the best call centers here in the Philippines, we have so many branches all over the world, so at first I declined the offer because I'm really afraid and I dont want to leave my previous job. But I had no choice so I took it, long story short, I passed and then here I am. I have been with Convergys for 3 years and 7 months now. that is crazy!

But many people think that when you're working in a call center you're rich! That's what they think! well yeah you earn more than the typical jobs that we have here but it's hard. For instance, you keep on talking for like 8 hours everyday, you get screamed at by irate subscribers. and you go crazy over holidays! It's really stressful and fun at the same time! you have so many things to think about, promotions, tenure ship, double pay, score cards and all that stuff!

Having said that I would still say that this is one of the coolest jobs ever. It's really hard but very fun! You will get all the experiences you can ever imagine. You can get to talk to all different kinds of people. You can get the chance to meet friends like I meet mine! My friends are amazing, they are the reason why I'm still coming to work everyday.. So I never regret that this is my job right now.

How about you how did you end up with your current job? I would love to read your story!

much love,