Sunday, December 26, 2010

Prom Night

Good evening guys! How’s your day so far? Me, I’m doing great, it’s Sunday night and I’m sitting here in front of my laptop and typing my fifth blog. This is kind of different from my previous blogs; I’ll be talking about a very special memory from my past and I’m sure most of the girls out there have their own share of story about this. We are going through memory lane baby!! :)

Early this morning, I was looking at my old scrap book, and I found my best friend’s picture, and then all my high school memories flashed back right before my eyes! So I started reminiscing some of the great experiences I had during my high school days. Most people say high school is the best, it’s the phase in your life where you can go wild, learn new things, meet different kind of people, laugh, cry, fall in love, first kiss name it, the list goes on like forever. High school is like riding a roller coaster, there are so many turns and hoops and you really want to make the most out of it, because it doesn’t last forever, so it would be great if you have something to remember by forever. For instance, your Prom Night!

Oh yes, the infamous Prom Night!

This is a very special day that most girls are dreaming about. Every junior and senior girl wakes up in the morning knowing that it would be a memorable night that she will tell her grandchildren about. As she climbs out of bed and into the shower, she thinks of her fabulous dress, the jewelry and the expensive shoes she’s been asking from her parents to buy for her. J She looks into her mirror and tells herself that she’s beautiful and that she will have the best night of her life.

 She can’t wait for the night to come and her date to pick her up, she will open the door with a smile, looking like a princess, with the great dress, killer heels, perfect make up and hair do, and her date will give her a bouquet of fresh flowers and a corsage made out of lilies and orchids. Oh yes that would be a night to remember, a night to party, to have fun, to let loose with your friends or probably the night for your first kiss? I must say…

I’m being dramatic here; well that’s really how we felt right? Let me tell you about my very own prom night, ok. I like my senior prom better than my junior prom by the way.

Junior Prom:

Me and my best friend were just so excited! Her name’s Jena. A week before the prom we had what we call “Prom Meeting”, this was just between us two. We do this after school everyday, every after school we go to her house and just talk about the prom. (We always go to her house after school; it’s like an everyday routine.) We were asking each other as to what to wear, we didn’t  have dates ok? I know it looks like were losers, but hey! That’s fine, it was our first time, we were thinking that we will have dates for the prom next year! (Yes I had a date in my senior year; we’ll talk about that later!) 

Anyway, as I was saying, we talked about the preparations that we need to do and all that stuff. So prom night came, and the first few hours for me were a disaster, and it was kind of funny though. Let me give you a bit of a background as to how prom night works in my school, ok, so in order for you to get inside the school grounds you have to have a ticket, without your ticket you can’t go inside, no exceptions, ok? They are selling the tickets a week before the prom for like 40pesos each, you can only buy one. No outsiders.

So long story short, I left my ticket at our house, I just realized that I left my ticket while I’m on my way to my best friend’s house (our meeting place), so I didn’t  have a choice I have to go back, so you can just imagine how tired and sweaty I am when I got home and took my ticket, I was like running and all. It was exhausting. So I was late, I went to Jena’s house and she left without me, so I walked to my school, wearing my gown, in the middle of the night. My gown by the way was black, and yes people wear staring at me, they were probably thinking,” Who’s that wannabe?”, but I couldn’t care less all I want is to reach my school and just get through the night.

So when I reached the gate, I started to feel better, I went straight to the bathroom and freshen up a little bit and I joined the on going party. I saw my best friend and we were jumping and singing all over the place. We took like gazzilion pictures of us and our friends; we ate and danced with each other. It was fun.. Really really fun! Haaaayyy.

Senior Prom:

This time I had a date, he was my ex-boyfriend and my classmate too. My gown this time is color baby blue and it was beautiful, I looked like Cinderella (well, its my moment) Me and my boyfriend at that time participated in the Prom Dance you know the “cotillion”, is that how you spell that? I’m sorry. Anyway yeah we danced and all of my classmates were like teasing us, I want to shout at them and say “Oh please, grow up guys!” but no I didn’t do that, I don’t want to mess up my dance.

It was a night to remember, my best friend was also there, she came with her boyfriend at that time, and we took pictures, me and my boyfriend danced like forever.  I just felt like I’m a woman, you know what I mean. Everything was perfect unlike my junior year. I’m just thinking at that time that whatever happens, I will always remember this night forever. It was fun and sad at the same time, because I’m thinking that this will be my last prom forever. But I don’t regret it, I’m even thankful that God let me experience this.
So my advice to all the girls out there, make sure that you will attend to your Prom Nights, you don’t know what you will be missing, whether you have a date or not, even though it feels like everything is falling apart on the day of your prom, it’s not just having a date, it’s about having the best experience in high school, the best memory that you can jot down on your diary. I’m sure everything will turn out just fine, like mine. It will be one of the best stories you can tell your kids when you grow up. You’ll never know, you might end up with the person you’ve been dreaming about since you were 5. So make sure you won’t miss it ok?

So tell me how did your Prom Night go? I would love to read your story. So till here guys, I’ll talk to you in my next blog!

This has been Abby, saying I heart you and Goodnight!

Much love,


Princess said...

I'm not very excited about this topic mainly because my experience was not that memorable as yours. It was over a decade ago. I can't even remember which year I attended or if I attended both years for that matter. All the caffeine, nicotine and sleepless nights I had, rapture the brain cells containing the prom memories I had. *sigh*

crizzy said...

prom...was not able to experience that.... :(