Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Online Make-Up Store in Facebook: "Guilty Pleasures"

Hey guys! Good day! It's my day off, I'm here at our house in Las Piñas. It's very quiet right here, so I feel inspired to do a blog. Okay, so if you can still remember, if you've been reading my blog, I mentioned that I am not a make up person, my everyday make up will be powder, cheek tint and lip gloss that's it. So I was browsing at Facebook the other day and I stumbled upon this online make up store called "Guilty Pleasures". So I got curious and I visited their page. First product that caught my eye was their make up train cases and palettes. I looked at the price and it's very reasonable. I read their wall and there are so many subscriber's comments on their products, how good the service is, how fast the transactions were all that positive feedbacks. 

So I get so excited and I have decided to order one, the very product that caught my eye was the "ULTA Pretty and Polised 74 Piece Collection - Red". it's a train case. It has all the make up essentials that you'll ever need! I mean not all, but if you are a beginner to make up like me, it's definitely a good buy and very practical. It includes 48 eye shadows, an eye shadow quad, 2 dual ended eyeliners, powder, bronzer, 4 blushes, 12 lip colors, 2 full size lipsticks and 2 mini lip glosses. Whoa! that was so amazing right?

This will be my very first major make up purchase and it's from Ulta. Ulta is a world class brand for make up in line with Sephora, Mac, Maybelline, Profusion, NYX, Coastal Scents etc. Ulta also sells hair and skin products, accessories, nail polishes, make up tools, flat irons, curling irons everything than you can possibly need is there in Ulta. We don't have Ulta here in the Philippines. The owner of the online make up store was very polite and very good to deal with, she responded to my questions right away, very trust worthy, and they have all the proof that you need to show that they are really a very reliable business, they have tracking numbers, feedbacks from the customers and all that fun stuff. they also sell perfumes, clothes, bags and many more. You should really visit their page in Facebook. All their products are authentic and from the US. 

The good thing about it was, I told the owner that I can deposit the payment on the "15th" because that's our payday and she said it's okay and she really has a big heart because she shouldered the shipping fee, the shipping fee for me is free! how great is that for a business huh!! So i said thank you for like a million times to her and she said she can really feel my excitement. You bet I am! She said after I deposit the payment i will receive the goods after a day or two. It's very easy and i will definitely buy from them again. I will surely recommend them with my friends.

As soon as I get the product I will try it and i will definitely make a review about it and post it as a blog. I am so excited! I'll talk to you on my next blog guys. Be sure to visit their page at Facebook, just type Guilty Pleasures under the search tab. Bye guys!

This has been Abby saying I heart Guilty Pleasures and I heart you too...

much love,


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