Saturday, February 19, 2011

REVIEW: My MAC brush set and ULTA Pretty and Polished 74 Piece Collection

Good morning guys. It’s a Saturday, I just woke up. I feel so awake; I don’t know what to do. Anyway, How are you guys? I hope everything’s doing just fine. Okay, if you read my previous blog, I told you guys that I bought a make up train case online, right? From Guilty Pleasures. I also bought a make up brush set from another online store called Nix FabBotique. Gosh I’m so excited because they’re finally here! And as promised I will make a review about it.

The brush set came in first, it’s a 24 pc. MAC make up brush set. It’s not real though, it’s a replica but it’s good. Oh well, I’m a beginner so even if it’s just a replica that’s perfectly fine because I don’t want to spend a whole lot of money just for a real MAC brush. We all know how expensive MACs are. Anyway, when I got the product, it was sealed to perfection. It’s really big in person compared to their pictures online. The brushes have it’s own plastic so it will be protected. The brushes are stored in a black leather bag so it’s perfect if you are traveling and all that fun stuff. As for the quality, it’s great. Not perfect but it’s great. It’s soft but some of the small hairs are falling down but I think that’s just normal. But overall, the brush set was amazing.

Okay for the best part, the make up train case arrived the following day, I went to the mall with my friends that day, I’m really excited to go home because I want to put my hands on this make up case. It’s ULTA Pretty and Polished 74 Piece Collection in Red. This product is genuine, it’s not a replica, and it’s not fake whatsoever. The color is red so it looks very classy and girly, good for traveling too. I used the make up the next day. For my first make up I opted for a neutral look. Again guys this will be my first time to really do make up for myself and voila!!!! It was amazing. I think I have a career in make up, I really do. Hahaha! Not bad for a first time. As for the eye shadows, the colors are very pigmented and very easy to apply. The lipsticks, eye liners are amazing too. Everything on this box set is great.

I inserted pictures of the brush set and the make up train case. I also inserted my picture of my first neutral look. Haha! So if you want to purchase make up, you can visit their Facebook page, just type, “Guilty Pleasures” and “Nix FabBotique”. Happy shopping!

This has been Abby saying I heart you all! Muah.

Much love,