Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tony and Jackey Salon

Hey guys! How are you all? As for me, I feel so great. Because I just had my hair cut done. My last haircut was like ages ago. Haha. It was last December 2009. So I said to myself, it’s about time. I had my haircut done at Tony and Jackey Salon. It was so amazing. I love the result.

Tony and Jackey is a Korean salon. My hairdresser is Ria, she’s korean. She’s so great, very friendly and accommodating. She’s a real expert. She knows what I want. The haircut at Tony and Jackey is 500Php. Expensive compared to other salons but it’s so worth it. After she did my haircut another Korean girl ironed my hair and its free!! You can straighten or curl your hair after your haircut. Very nice.

I will definitely go back to Tony and Jackey. Here’s a picture of me, Ria and the other Korean girls. Hehe!
This has been Abby saying I heart you and Tony and Jackey!

Much love,